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Come doused in mud soaked in bleach as I want you to be

December 10, 2008

Its been rattling around in head now for years, but I recently come to the conclusion that Kurt Cobain was imitating Jesus, who would have typically welcomed anyone regardless of their physical state and offered the same sentiment of tolerance.


Apparently the Nirvana lyrics were taken from a Seattle drug campaign that encouraged heroin users to soak their used needles in bleach to reduce the risk of spreading Aids. The original campaign slogan was “If doused in mud, soak in bleach.”



Musings on the Nature of Being

November 21, 2008

God created all men equal.

Inequality only exists in your own head.

If you believe than you are more superior than another, then it follows that others are superior to you.

Therefore to remain equal, you must value everyone else as your equals.