Free People Search Engines


There seem to be quite a few good People Search engines out there now like Spock and Wink but I came across a great new one the other day –


Its Free People Search provides highly filtered results for names enabling you to see immediately if that person is on a range of networks and media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Wikipedia to name a few, whilst also providing a range of filtered web results to cut down on wadding through millions of less meaningful results.


It also has a free online address book which allows you to create a profile, with just your name, so that people can find you and contact you without seeing your email address or having to register themselves which is novel. You also get a Search Alert if someone Google’s you, and if you are trying to find someone, they have a Trace facility, which I have never seen before – apparently it creates a result on the search engines for that person, so it might be picked up by either the person being looked for or their friends.


Its also got a directory for products and businesses, but there don’t seem to be many products as yet and the businesses seem to be mainly US ones.



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